Reading Program for ages 0-3

Pre reader 0-3

Read at least 20-40 minutes a day Earn 500 points for reading and 100 points for challenges for a total of 600 points.

1 minute read = 1 point

You will earn badges for each level completed.

You will earn prizes at Level 1, Level 3, and Level 5.

Challenges are worth 25 points each and you must complete 4 to finish the program.

You will achieve Level 1 when you have earned 100 points. You will earn a badge and a prize.

You will achieve Level 2 when you have earned 200 points and completed one challenge. You will earn a badge.

You will achieve Level 3 when you have earned 300 points and completed two challenges. You will earn a prize and a badge.

You will achieve Level 4 when you have earned 400 points and completed three challenges. You will earn a badge.

You will achieve Level 5 and finish the program when you have earned 500 points from reading and completed 4 challenges so 600 points total. You will earn a badge, a prize and a book.

If you would like to earn more badges keep reading. There will be no prizes awarded but you will earn another badge for each 100 points you earn after 500 up to 1000 points.

This program runs May 20th through August 3rd. Last day to pick up prizes is August 3rd.