An evil wizard has placed a malevolent curse over the library, ripping the hero's from their stories, and imprisoning them in crystal balls. With no one to stop them the villains have escaped and are wreaking havoc in our world using their power to destroy hope, courage, love, and imagination. Despair and sadness are slowly overtaking any good left in the world. We need new heroes.. we need you! The world needs you! The librarians need you! Can you retrieve the crystal balls and release the heroes? Please stop the villains, you’re our only hope! You will need magic to face what awaits you. As Guardians of Wisdom the librarians were able to hide a small amount of magic from the evil wizard and we bestow it upon you. Take heed, you will have to strengthen the magic if you are to accept this quest. You will find your strength from reading. Every time you read your power will grow allowing you to break a crystal ball and free a hero. The more heroes you release, the more help you will have to defeat the villains. Will you save the heroes, capture the villains, defeat the Evil Wizard, and restore the stories?

You will earn a prize for each hero you rescue from the Evil Wizard. To set a hero free you will need to complete challenges. Each challenge consists of six days worth of reading, 20 minutes or more per day. Once you complete six days of reading you will free a hero. After you free all five you will have defeated the Evil Wizard, successfully completed the reading program, and earn a completion prize. For a BONUS, after that you can choose to continue your quest and help the heroes defeat the villains that were set free. Defeating the villains is not required, just extra fun after you have taken out the wizard! THERE ARE NO PRIZES FOR THESE CHALLENGES. You will receive a digital badge. To defeat a villain you need to complete challenges. These challenges include more than just reading. Remember, you cannot work off villain challenges until you have freed all the heroes. Prizes can be picked up starting June 1st. Please check our Facebook page or call us (801-804-4480) for updated prize pickup information.