Complete 5 different challenges, Read, Write, Sing, Talk, and Play. There are 4 activities in each challenge. When all 5 challenges are complete you will earn a prize package that includes a new book. Babies must complete the entire program to get their prizes. These early literacy skills have proven effective to help young children build a foundation for learning to read. Prizes can be picked up starting June 1st. Please check our Facebook page or call us (801-804-4480) for updated prize pickup information.


Read: Reading to your little ones is one of the most important activities! It encourages social, emotional, and cognitive development. It increases language skills, and success in school.

Write: Reading and writing go together. Both represent spoken language and communicate information. Giving them opportunities to scribble, play with play dough, trace letters will help develop eye-hand coordination and important hand muscles.

Sing: Singing slows down language allowing children to hear different sounds that make up words. This helps when they begin to read print. Singing, clapping, and saying nursery rhymes, are not only fun, but important.

Talk: As children hear spoken language, they learn new words and what they mean. They learn about the world around them. Point to pictures, talk about them, explain things, ask questions, and give them opportunities to comment.

Play: Playing helps children express themselves, put thoughts into words, use their imagination, and develop vocabulary and language skills.enter image description here