An Evil Wizard has placed a malevolent curse over the library, ripping the Heroes from their stories, and imprisoning them in crystal balls. Now with no one to stop them, the villains have escaped and are wreaking havoc in our world using their power to destroy hope, courage, love, and imagination. We need new Heroes.. we need you! Can you retrieve the crystal balls and release the heroes? You will need magic to face what awaits you. You will acquire your magic from reading. Every time you read your magic will grow allowing you to break a crystal ball and free a Hero. The more Heroes you release, the more help you will have to defeat the Evil Wizard. Will you save the Heroes and defeat the Evil Wizard?

How does the Adult Summer Reading Program work?

You will earn a prize for each Hero you free from the Evil Wizard. To set a Hero free you will need to complete challenges. Each challenge consists of reading or listening to a book from our library. Once you complete reading or listening to a book from our library, you will free a Hero. After you free all 5 Heroes you will have defeated the Evil Wizard; which means you have successfully completed the reading program and can earn a completion prize. Program completion prize will not be available until after June 1st


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